#SLAers Flying Solo

Solo Librarians Open Discussion List

The SLA Solo Librarians Discussion Group is a “private” Google group for information professionals who may be interested in solo librarianship, resource sharing or our Division. You do not need to be a member of SLA or our Division to join, though.

Each person on the list is expected to be responsible for what he or she says and what he or she reads as well. The list owners & moderators are not responsible in any way for statements made by subscribers to this list. We advise that all members familiarize themselves with any issues they may have regarding libel, copyrights or any other issues surrounding their posted messages. We are not an anonymous list. Include your real name in posts.

Unless she/he/they state(s) otherwise, please respond to a person’s questions under the assumption that the questioner has a level of understanding similar to or greater than your own. The “Golden Rule” shall apply: answer other people’s questions as you would hope to have your own answered. Condescension and condemnation are almost always inappropriate on this list.

Some general guidelines:



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