#SLAers Flying Solo

Board 2018

Our 2018 Board will include:

  • Chair: Holly Lakatos
  • Past Co-Chairs: Julie Snyder
  • Chair-Elect: Brendan Thompson
  • Secretary: Carolyne Darimont
  • Treasurer: Beatriz Woods

We have an amazing group of volunteers who have agreed to support our activities through committee work next year, too. Our committee chairs will include:

  • Alice Desrocher & Nancy Linwood who will bring some much-needed recognition to our members through the Awards committee.
  • Cheri Widowski who has graciously agreed to head our Communications Committee for another year.
  • And, Laureen Kelly who will take over for our Mentoring & Career Guidance activities with her committee.

Board meeting dates:

  • January 11 (8am PT/11am ET),  March 8 (8am PT/11am ET), May 10 (8am PT/11am ET), June 7 (8am PT/11am ET), August 9 (8am PT/11am ET), October 11 (8am PT/11am ET)
  • Joint 2018 & 2019 Boards Meeting: December 13 (8am PT/11am ET)​

Annual Conference Programming:

  • Carolyne Darimont
  • Gabriele Hysong
  • Holly Lakatos, chair


  • Alice Desrocher, co-chair
  • Nancy Linwood Lewis,  co-chair


  • Karen Waters


  • Cheri Widowski, chair
  • Vinessa Erminio
  • Kelli Stephens
  • Margaret Murphy
  • Emily Wagner


  • Jennifer Arnott
  • Helen Halbert
  • Vinca Merriman
  • Sarah Pearson


  • Karla Kuhn
  • Lisa Weinberger

Mentoring & Career Guidance:

  • Ana Blue
  • Jane Bitter
  • Montrese Hamilton
  • Laureen Kelly, chair
  • Elizabeth Meylor
  • Elizabeth Standifird



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