#SLAers Flying Solo

2018 – Baltimore

Ticketed Events:

  • Joint Division Reception with Social Sciences, Humanities, Government Information & Transportation Divisions
    Monday, June 11, 2018 (8:00 pm – 10:00 pm) @ Pratt Street Ale House
  • Solo Librarians Division Board & Business Breakfast Meeting (cost: $20.00):
    Tuesday, June 12, 2018 (7:30 am – 8:30 am), Conference Center Room 325
  • Solo Librarians No-Host Dinner/Dessert/After Conference Snack:
    Tuesday, June 12, 2018 (8:00 pm – 9:30 pm) @ Frank & Nic’s


Quick Take: Documenting Your Library Success for the Future (20 minutes, Fundamental)
MONDAY, JUNE 11 @ 4-5:30 PM, Conference Center Room 333
We’ve all worked in environments where the librarian must constantly reinvent the wheel – even when a buggy has been making deliveries for decades. This session will help you uncover strategies for turning “on the fly” notes into formal documentation that will help you save time, devise metrics that will impress c-suite executives, and encapsulate your value to your organization. Best of all, documentation can even increase the likelihood that your pet project survives your departure and allow the next generation to turn that buggy into a sports car. Presented by Stefanie R. Maclin-Hurd.

Collection Development for the Special Librarian: Lightning Talks (60 minutes, Intermediate)
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13 @ 9-10 AM, Conference Center Room 336
Explore eight collection philosophies as solo librarians from around the world discuss challenges and opportunities found in selecting materials for user groups. Each speaker will present one tip or trick that may help any special librarian create a better collection or foster better communication with those we serve. At the end of the session, the audience will vote for the best advice/talk given during the session.  Presenters: Layla Heimlich: “In Case of Disaster” Print Collection / John Cruickshank: Resource Discussion List for Principal Stakeholders / Carolyne Darimont: Bibliaff / Liz Fite: Writing a Community-Focused Collection Policy for a Small Library / Stacey DiFazio: Unsubscribe All / & Gabrielle Hysong: Non-Book Collections

Secrets to Navigating ‘Outside the Box’ Career Pathways (60 minutes, Fundamental)
TUESDAY, JUNE 12 @ 9-10 AM, Conference Center Room 336
Tom Rink & Holly Lakatos have travelled opposite career paths, but they both found that creating opportunities for advancement required tenacity, creativity, and flexibility. Join us for a spirited discussion about moving in and out various types of special libraries while building a career. You may find that the “traditional career path” in librarianship is not the one that fits your situation. Moderated by Brandy King.

Solo Success Stories: Best Practices for Dealing with Non-Traditional Library Projects (60 minutes, Intermediate):
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13 @ 1:30-2:30 PM, Conference Center Room 336
Solo librarians are known for doing a little bit of everything. In this session, we’ll focus on solo librarians who have extraordinary “other duties as assigned” and how they balance traditional library work with non-traditional library projects. Gabriele Hysong will provide an overview of starting a jet engine “parts petting zoo” while Carolyne Darimont will discuss integrating her “normal” work with responsibility of managing the design and construction of a new R&D building. Panelists will also provide examples of communicating with stakeholders, managing time, and new skills learned by broadening library services.

Reference Requests: Time Management and Expectation-Setting Roundtable (60 minutes, Intermediate) [Co-sponsor LMD]
MONDAY, JUNE 11 @ 9-10 AM, Conference Center Room 336
Perception can impact the outcome of a reference request. Attendees will feel the power of #slaers as they brainstorm best practices for performing the reference interview, identifying unrealistic expectations, communicating with library stakeholders, promoting a healthy work/life balance, evaluating effective time management, and developing project management skills. This roundtable guided by the participants will provide collective insights on how to manage expectations and perception as we interaction with our patrons. Please bring a writing implement with you to this session. Moderated by Heather Gamberg.



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