#SLAers Flying Solo

2014 – Vancouver

June 6-11, 2014

Saturday, June 7

  • Solo Librarians Division Board Meeting
    10 am

Sunday, June 8

  • Solo Librarians Division Business Meeting
    11:45 am
  • Magical Mentoring?
    3:30 pm
    Gerry Hurley Memorial Leadership Program.  
    Many organizations embrace mentoring as a strategy for fostering leadership development and succession for high-potential employees, but there is still much to be learned about the process. For librarians who manage to find mentors, the question remains whether it actually pays off in terms of promotions and career satisfaction. And for mentors and mentees alike, it is often unclear how to structure roles and responsibilities to ensure success. During this lively panel discussion, library leaders debate the tangible and intangible benefits that they have derived from their own experiences on either side of the mentoring relationship.
    Speakers: Karen Reczek & Rebecca Vargha

Monday, June 9

  • Joint Divisions Open House & Reception
    The Transportation Division, along with the Solo Librarians and Government Information Divisions, cordially invite you to a few hours of fun, networking, food and spirits. Celebrate another great conference with old friends and meet some new!

Tuesday, June 10

  • Solo Success Stories
    9:45 am
    Success is measured in a variety of ways. In a reception-style atmosphere, participants will share their stories of solo librarianship success. Find out how others have broken down walls and created innovative services, and share your own story! Attendee participation is encouraged. Speakers: Terry Buckner, Alisun Dekock & Kathleen Phillips.
  • “I Am Not a Brand!”: Building Your Personal and Professional Profile
    11:00 am
    Many of us cringe at the thought of “personal branding”. Mary Ellen Bates offers painless approaches to raising your profile and communicating the value you provide to your employer or clients in ways that are authentic and comfortable to even the most marketing-phobic. Speaker: Mary Ellen Bates.
  • SharePoint Show and Tell: It Doesn’t Have to Suck
    2:00 pm
    Special libraries are able to use SharePoint for many different projects and purposes. This session will feature a panel of librarians demonstrating their SharePoint projects and will act as an inspiration point for others that may be considering how they can also use SharePoint in a way that doesn’t suck. Speakers: Allison Buehler, Jocelyn Hallman & Gretchen Nadasky.



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