#SLAers Flying Solo

2012 – Chicago


  • Board Meeting
    1:00 pm (Hilton, PDR #3)
    All members are welcome to attend!


  • Business Meeting & Lunch
    12:00 pm (CC, Room E263)
  • Sailing through Cataloging: Cataloging Practices for Solos
    4:00 pm (CC, Room E253B)
    Tips, tricks and other practical information for beginning and experienced catalogers. Speaker: Paul Burley. Co-presented by: Transportation Division.
  • Solo Librarians Division Open House
    7:30 pm (Hilton, Astoria Room)
    Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I a Solo Librarian?” or “Am I a Solo Librarian if I have any staff at all?” To answer these questions and more, meet and greet with the Solo Librarians Division at their annual open house.


  • From Info Pro to Info Hero: 5 Easy Ways to Turn Information into Insight
    8:00 am (CC, Room E350)
    It’s no longer enough to efficiently and cost-effectively find the best information. Now we also have to add value to our research products, and develop the services that our clients can’t find elsewhere and can’t imagine living without. In this fast-paced session, Mary Ellen Bates provides at least five simple techniques for providing more insight and value in what you send your clients. Moderator: Patrick Clapp. Speaker: Mary Ellen Bates. Co-presented by: News Division, Pharmaceutical & Health Technology Division. Sponsored by: ProQuest & Dialog and Springer.
  • Librarian as Entrepreneur: Contributing to Your Organization’s Bottom Line through Marketing Initiatives
    2:00 pm (CC, Room E258)
    Are you working in an organization that wants to increase its visibility? Do you want to learn about making the case for marketing in your library? Join us as we weigh in on the pros and cons of taking the marketing plunge as information professionals. Moderators: Patrick Clapp & Tracy Meleff. Speaker: Louis Abramovitz. Co-presented by: Legal Division. Sponsored by: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business.
  • Success Stories of Solos
    4:00 pm (CC, Room E266)
    Success is measured in a variety of ways. In a reception-style atmosphere, participants will share their stories of solo librarianship success. Find out how others have broken down walls and created innovative services, and share your own story! Attendee participation is encouraged. Moderator: Patrick Clapp. Speakers: Kevin Adams, Hildy Dworkin, Carla Robinson & Tanya Whippie. Co-presented by: News Division.
  • Joint Divisions Open House
    8:00 pm (312 Chicago, Downtown Loop)
    Join the Government Information, Solo Librarians, and Transportation Divisions for a lively joint open house. Speak with members from a variety of fields and experiences, all in one place. Please meet at the event location. Co-presented by: Government Information & Transportation Divisions. Sponsored by: Elsevier & WT Cox Subscriptions.


  • Suddenly Solo: What to Do When It’s Suddenly Just You
    10:00 am (CC, Room E264)
    It’s a nightmare occurring too frequently: cuts in resources, budgets, and personel turn a group of professionals into a team of one. Join the Solo Division as we discuss the challenges surrounding this issue. Moderator: Patrick Clapp. Speakers: Katharine Arzeta, Gabriele Hysong, & Brendan Thompson.



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